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Heart shapeThe bottom line is that many people struggle with maintaining their “best”, healthiest weight. If it were as easy as counting calories or following a “diet” , than we wouldn’t be living in a world, specifically North America that  recognizes obesity as an epidemic. There is more to it than watching what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. That is all intellect, and there have been enough books, and you have very likely read them, about nutrients, carbohydrates, metabolic rates and protein needs. Yes, those three factors are very important, but equally, or maybe even MORE important is WHY you eat. The “HEART” of GIA Trim addresses the emotions around eating and food. There was once a school of thought that said if you are overweight, than you must simply lack willpower. IF you are like me, you may have heard this phrase “Just push yourself away from the table.” Ummm.. NO !  The HEART of GIA Trim is a critical part of sustained weight maintenance, and most importantly an opportunity to grow as a person and transcend obstacles that inhibit us from being our best. How does the “Heart” of GIA trim accomplish this? Because,  it helps us to use our own heart to love ourselves, to return to our true selves. The word heart not only represents love, it represents LIFE – our heartbeat literally enables us to LIVE ! So lets look at the HEART of GIA Trim and its relationship to releasing weight, reclaiming our best self and addressing the emotional eating aspect that is critical to lasting change, self improvement  and overall health and wellbeing.

  • H – Heal your emotional wounds by acknowledging them, honoring them and filling the void in your self, your heart with love.
  • E – Embrace your extraordinary self as you are now, as you have been, and as you will be.
  • A – Accept and Act in your best interest.  Accept everything is as it needs to be right now and your ACTIONS will create the change you seek and deserve.
  • R – Remember, you are WORTHY. You are enough, MORE than enough. You deserve to be healthy, happy and free from this burden.
  • T – The Truth – If you are eating, and you are not hungry – then you are feeding something. We are ALL hungry for something, until we fill the void.

The “chapters” to follow will include thought provoking questions, stories, personal anecdotes and very specific powerful exercises and activities that enable you to implement transformation. The entire purpose of the Heart of GIAtrim is to empower you “Live your best day, everyday!”

While this program is specifically designed to address the struggle of overweight, the truth is many of our overall lifestyle choices may also be a reflection of the separation from our true self. The word health comes from the root word “to make whole”.  In order to make whole, on must heal. While you HEAL THY SELF, you create a HEALTHY SELF. This is why the first step in the Heart of GIAtrim is to begin to heal emotional wounds. Some are self inflicted, some come from external experiences that we may have had zero control over. The good news, is that as you are reading this you are on the path to reclaiming your self, healing yourself, and living your best life. One principle that I ask you to embrace from here on out is that the cause of your excess weight, or any other excess (shopping, gambling, sabotaging behaviors), is the manifestation of fear. Fear is a place in the mind, heart, body and soul, where love has been paralyzed or blocked. Dean Ornish, M.D. is the founder and President of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute, and he concurs that lasting change of behavior only comes when the root causes of the behavior are addressed. In his studies with participants of what he called “maladaptive” behaviors such as overeating, smoking, too much drinking or internet etc, his respondents replied very simply. Those behaviors were not “maladaptive” to them, they actually helped them adapt to the emotional hurt, and emptiness and separation of self by numbing the pain.

For years we have been conditioned to believe that food is either “good” or “bad” and that food and overeating is the cause of our overweight, in many cases the overweight is a symptom an ongoing separation of love of self, and a presence of fear. As we release that fear, we can release the weight. One final closing thought. If you have ever felt that you do not have control of your choices, maybe you have decided to “start over tomorrow”,  again and again. If you have had the “last big Sunday meal” before deciding on Monday you will be “good”, only to have another big, final meal again on Tuesday and developed a habit of the perpetual Last Supper. If you ever have simply just not felt in control, then it could be that food has become a crutch or unhealthy habit to help you cope and if it controls you, more than you control it, it is very possible that is has become more of a compulsion. I am not one to say the difference between compulsion or addiction, or when the gray area shifts. What I do know is this. If drinking too much were a problem that someone recognized, or gambling, or some other form of escapism, the course of action is often to eliminate, completely, the behavior; to find other methods of coping and not to “drink a little” or test the waters so to speak, because people then fall off the wagon. With food, we have no option but to navigate the excess. If we eliminate food completely, then we cease to exist. If we want balance, health, joy and freedom from what feels like a burden, if we want to get off the roller coaster off losing and gaining, and if we want to free ourselves of the inordinate amount of time and energy spent on our battle with overweight, then we have no other option than to figure it out. And we will, together with the Heart of GIAtrm.

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