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The HEART of GIATRIM – begins with the “H” – It stands for the word, concept and active healing that is necessary for lasting transformation and weight loss. Years ago, in talking to someone about the power of words, they shared with me the idea that I should replace the words “weight loss” with “releasing weight”. He said if you lose something , then your subconscious mind will seek to find it.

The other day I read a funny quotation that said, “I am not losing weight. I am getting rid of it forever, and no have no intention of finding it.” There is another school of thought that says, we do not lose anything without having some subconscious desire to do so, that all our results are the manifestation of what we really want. So if we lose something, we want to and there is no implicit definition that says we want to find it ever again.

Having said all that, for the purpose of these posts, exercises and different activities, I will refer to this as a process of healing, as well as weight loss. It is our transformation. It begins with healing and awareness. If you are reading this, then my assumption is that you recognize that you are eating, and carrying extra weight because of a deeper issue. Maybe you recognize that the overweight has been an issue long enough to have witnessed in yourself those self sabotaging behaviors that cause a 5 lb weight loss, followed by a 6 lb gain the following week. Or maybe making the decision to “start” a diet, and then re-start over and over again.

So you recognize that in yourself there may be some void that is being filled, emotional pain that is trying to be “numbed”. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt pain? Seeing your overweight hurts, trying on clothes that do not fit anymore, causes distress. THAT’S GOOD! That pain is grabbing our attention, its our mechanism for change. In the same way that when we stub our toe and it hurts, our body is telling us we need to address it, rinse it off, and care for the wound. Our emotional pain is often the catalyst for change, it helps us draw the connections we need to be guided to healthy choices and healing. That pain may cause us some fear, that needs to be and will be, reframed.

Even from a health perspective, we want to move away from a fear of unhealthy results of overweight such as heart disease or diabetes, and move towards a desire for the joy of living. Fear never has been, or ever will be a sustainable motivating factor in transformation. It can be a trigger, for igniting initial action, but long term sustained wellness both physical and emotional, comes from moving towards joy, freedom, and love. Even more than losing weight, people want to feel whole, free and in control. Make no mistake, losing weight is the action, the strategy, or the process needed to reach the goal – the goal however, is being free, confident, joyful, happy and healthy.

Take the following true or false self assessment quiz and keep track of the number of each True Statement:

1) I recognize my overweight is a reflection of a larger issue. T F

2) I have tried to “control” my weight issue by myself and have not been successful in the long term. T F

3) I have felt shame, grief, sadness, resentment, guilt and other negative emotions about myself, my body and my overweight. T F

4) I am not sure I would characterize my eating a “food addiction”, but there are definitely times that it feels I lack “control” and act compulsively. T F<

5) I am aware of times that I am eating and do not feel “hungry”, and that I continue to eat even if I feel full. T F

6) I feel ready to acknowledge that this issue is bigger than me, and if I were able to handle it alone, I would have done so by now. T F

7) I know that my frustration around this overweight has interfered with my relationships; at times, I have lashed out, been impatient, or sought isolation as a result. T F

8) I want to be happy, peaceful, and am eager, or at least willing to surrender and work towards transformation and becoming whole T F

If you answered True to at least 3 of the above statements than it appears you are well on your way to healing. Healing can only begin with acceptance, and the first step in healing is recognizing that much of this process is not a “food” issue, its a love issue. Love of self, love of life, love of personal evolution and love of others. Forgiving our self, forgiving “life” and forgiving others is another big step in healing.

Emotional eating provides momentary distraction from pain, learning to acknowledge the feelings we have and move through them is part of what being mindful is all about. Today, the message is about honoring the decision to heal. What lies ahead is a beautiful journey of self discovery, that we can move through our emotions and find alternate strategies of soothing ourselves in order to deal with pain and negative emotions.

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