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When we find ourselves on a journey of health, wellness and losing the weight that has been “stuck”, we must enlist our subconscious to come along with us or that weight will find its way back and return. So this process, and it is a process, requires the joyful work of awareness and consistent mindfulness. When we stay connected to our loving self, we are able to navigate through those moments that may feel like temporary “forgetfulness” and succumb to a compulsive action that includes eating when we are not hungry. For many, it may feel somewhat like temporary insanity; an irrational compulsion that takes over has us feeling confused, and frustrated. More people than not, have felt the pull of one moment being completely intent and making choices that serve us and the next, abandoning all that logic and “feeding” a craving, or find ourselves mindlessly cruising the pantry for “something”. The biggest realization comes from knowing that the only thing that will allow us to feel full and content in ourselves is the connection to our love.

Heart shapeWe are surrounded by a consciousness of fear, the human race has in many ways defaulted to a fear based mentality that contributes to creating the behaviors of coping, patterns of compulsive overeating. The GREAT news is that as you move from fear to love, you are enlisting the stronger power of love – love is perfect, creative and self -healing. One area critical to transformation is to embrace our current self, as well as our past self.

When we look in the mirror and see our “self”, we know that there are other selves in the mirror as well. There is our young self, whose playfulness still exists, there is our hurt self, who has endured heartache and or hardship, there is our thin self, striving to emerge and there is our “not-so-thin “self who has been our protector, guardian or even a victim. Until now, we have done the best we could with what we know. As we grow, our capacity changes. Our capacity for growth and self love expands. Until right now, you may have seen a part of yourself as “bad”. We have all said it “Oh, I ate that cake, I was bad.” Or “I have been bad on my diet.” Those parts of our selves are imperfect, not bad. They are the wounded part of our self, self -esteem that has been pained and in some cases carry anguish. In letting that go, we must embrace that part of our self and literally learn to love our “not thin self”.

Learning to love and embrace all of you is a critical part of your journey. Begin connecting eating healthy and wisely with an expression of loving yourself. As you make a large healthy salad, and take the time to prepare a meal that you know is feeding your body with proper nourishment, see it as a similar act as buying yourself flowers, or telling yourself that you are worthy of health and love. This is a habit for the present, however, to release and love the past I encourage you to literally write a letter to your self, to the “not so thin” you that you may have mistreated. The past is actually fear that represents darkness, when you shine a light of love on that darkness, it will dissolve, just as night fades when the sun emerges.

These two parts of you that we are looking at merging, are the thin and “not so thin” part. They need to know one another. They each need to be acknowledged. By writing a letter to your “not so thin” self, you can express everything you feel with absolute honesty, to begin to integrate the separate selves. You can express anger, resentment, frustration, as well as acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness to yourself. It deserves it; you deserve it. Try to separate your self for a moment and look at your body, she/he did not ask to be here. You created your body, in your fear, pain, and emotional preservation. Make her your friend; embrace every inch of her. She isn’t an enemy to be feared, she reflects that part of you that could have “saved” you from worse. Once you have completed that letter to the “not-so thin” you, allow her/he to respond to the THIN you that is already there.

She will not go away until you HEAR her. And then, she won’t go away until you love her. Love has to supersede the anger, pain and fear in order to prevail. Consider this a mediation or peace talk of sorts. By loving and embracing both sides of you – you are not condoning the overweight, you are simply hearing the message that overweight is trying to tell you, so that you can move forward in love. While you are in judgment of your heavy self, you cannot love all aspects of yourself. The heavy you does not crave food – the craving is for love. It is what every person longs for and seeks. Writing these letters should feel cathartic and powerful. They may reveal feelings you are unaware of and I encourage you as always to breath deep, immerse yourself in the process and know that you are loved and not alone – ever.

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