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There are millions of people on this planet who seek to escape the stress and pain or navigate emotional rough waters of life through compulsive behaviors. Some people find this escape in activities that feed their need with temporary and false feelings of fulfillment. They “over” shop, “over” gamble, “over” drink, “over” sex… However, for those who “over” eat, they literally wear their compulsion for the world to see. That causes even more embarrassment, anger, resentment and conflict – all directed toward the self.  This is why the previous volume of and recommendation of writing the letters to yourself is such an important and cathartic process. It allows for the release of those negative emotions and for the entrance of peace, self–love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Heart shapeIt’s inevitable, for most people who struggle with overweight to come to the realization that their weight issue is actually something that requires help. Losing weight is more then having the discipline to reduce calories. It is connected to bigger emotional aspects that simply should not try to be addressed completely alone. When we do try to tackle the issue completely by ourselves, we often realize it is too big a challenge. If you have read all the Heart of GIATrim segments, chances are good you are ready, willing, eager and able for that miraculous moment to occur when you say, “Ok, so maybe I have not been in control, I have not been able to tackle this on my own, I am ready to surrender the fight and embrace the miracle of healing.”  The time has come for you to surrender the struggle. It is my belief that healing and transformation is miraculous and miracles happen where there is love.

All of what I have learned and studied about the irrefutable connection between being overweight and unresolved emotion comes from research and highly validated publications, scientific journals, expert authors and years of dedicated study heartfelt desire to not only learn, but to teach. Many physicists, biologists and doctors of medicine and theology have been able to merge science and divinity – to accept both as realities of the universe. When I refer to Divinity or a Divine Power, rest assured that I am not attempting to impose any specific religious beliefs upon you, the reader. I have always believed, taught and lived by the idea that one of the greatest gifts we can give is to honor and value differences. So I honor and value differences in religious beliefs, and I also must share, that part of the “work” around releasing, healing, becoming, and overcoming the compulsions that cause overweight, is a belief in a Divine Power. For me, that power is God. For others it may be an energetic presence or even a simple recognition that there must be something or someone that creates, resides within us, or exists that represents an entity, power or force that is larger than us. So what I am asking of you at this time is this – if you do believe in a Divine Power, surrender your struggle to that power.

Based on my own beliefs, this is where I say “I am giving it to you, God. I know that alone I have not been able to tackle this, it is bigger than me, but YOU are much bigger than everything.” Your wounds and pain may have been more powerful than you in the past, but God is more powerful than your pain. So in just accepting that MAYBE there is a power greater than you, and in surrendering to that power, you actually allow for the miraculous healing to begin.

Currently, the weight you are carrying is minimal when compared to the weight that burdens your heart. Imagine, a powerful force that can readily, effortlessly lift this burden off of your heart and take the shame, hurt and pain away from you. When you allow for that surrender to happen, when the weight is lifted from your heart, when your mind, heart and soul are light – it empowers and enables your physical body to be light as well.

Chances are that you have stuffed or contained your emotions and feelings, and so it makes sense that your body has become larger so that it can “store” all your problems and emotions. If those emotions are released and “given away”, then your body, your container can become smaller. The other reason for being overweight is often that it represents, literally creates, a buffer or protection from the past. Our subconscious tells us that we are “better off”, or safer, being heavy than being thin. If we had trauma at a “normal” weight” than by going back to that weight can feel like we are putting ourselves in the line of fire. All of this is going on a sub-conscious level. But it is our sub-conscious that dictates thoughts, emotion, and actions and ultimately results. If we do not change those sub-conscious beliefs, or surrender them, then of course we will sabotage our efforts because it is a natural instinct to protect ourselves from “danger”.

This segment of the heart of GIATRim is all is about surrender, and my encouragement to you is to identify a space, or thing that represents that “giving up the battle”. My personal choice for this was to purchase a bracelet, and to give the bracelet that meaning. It represents surrender and my constant belief and understanding that I am not alone – that I am, and must stay connected to God in order to feel peace, healing and transformation. The piece of jewelry that I wear most days, is a subtle reminder and symbol that love, not fear is my guiding force. If we continually focus on this remise, then we simply cannot focus on anything else and we can accelerate our healing and growth. Some people choose to pick an area of their home to represent a special space that is treated as an area for prayer, meditation, or journaling. By taking time everyday to sit in a particular chair, or sofa that has some décor or designated meaningful items – this can contribute significantly to the process of healing, becoming whole and fulfilled. I highly encourage you take action around one (or both ) of these ideas as an action and continued connection to the surrender you accept today. Remember the purpose of this exercise is to acknowledge that your greater being, God for me, has the power of what has rendered you powerless, in the past.

It is critical that I acknowledge the works of all my mentors and teachers, but specifically Marianne Williamson, Dr. Habib Sadeghi, Geneen Roth as their work has been instrumental in what I am bringing to you through the Heart of GIATrim.

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