Venita Wilborn

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Venita lost 52 pounds with GIA Trim!

Venita won 2nd place in our “Moment in the Mirror” Transformational Challenge and received a cash prize of $500!

She says: “Thanks to GIATrim I’ve lost 52 pounds. I’ve lost 12 inches from my waist and 13 inches from my stomach. My dress size went from 18/20 to 14. Here is the best part: as a cancer survivor, I was never able to regain the vibrant energy I had before treatment. Just getting through the day was a struggle. GIATrim gave me the tools and the motivation to “breakthrough” to a new lifestyle. Now, I’m able to workout several times a week, my energy level is off the charts, and I look and feel younger than I did 15 years ago! Thanks to my good friend Riddey for introducing me to GIATrim!”

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