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Sue from Sudbury (CAN) lost 10 inches, and 10% of her starting weight with GIATrim!

Sue says: “The support and virtual ‘high-fivers’ from the GIATrim community leaves me speechless! My ‘cheerleaders’ reach far across North America. I am so grateful for each and every one of you!! Thank you!!

At the time of GIA Trim pre-launch eight weeks ago, I had the mentality that I am 44 years old and obese and that was just the way things were, ACCEPT it!! I have been on the heavy side my whole life. I had tried ALL the fad diets in attempts to become ‘healthy’, make a new thinner me. So why at 44 did I find myself still tipping the scale at 225lbs?

My experience with GIA Trim has been like nothing I have ever done before!! The weight management program was so EASY to follow and the products all worked and worked well. I loved the taste of Cleanse and Curb, and the flexibility of LEAN is just brilliant!! How many people can say they have a chocolate covered cherries shake for breakfast? J

Yet more times than I want to admit to, over the past 2 months I found myself reaching for and eating foods which were not a good choice; pasta instead of salad, etc. Even as I was putting these foods in my mouth, I was thinking, yelling at myself, this is NOT a good decision, why are you doing this?!?!? I really felt I had let myself down. ‘I could have done better’ was the mantra going through my head with every chew. I knew this was not healthy.

I eagerly turned to the support from the various GIA blogs and videos, the online support that GIA offers. I finally admitted to myself that I need to schedule some ‘Sue Time’ and fast. By taking ACTION, I have found time to meditate, something I have wanted to do for years. Score one for me! J I have taken the time to attend a couple of evening seminars. Score two for me!! J Most importantly, I have learned to love myself enough to become a non-smoker. Score three for me!!! J

The support and virtual ‘high-fivers’ from the GIA community leaves me speechless (not an easy feat I assure youJ). My ‘cheerleaders’ reach far across North America. I am so grateful for each and every one of you!!
Thank you!!!

On top of ALL these other successes, I have lost 20lbs to date and shrunk over 10 inches!!! That’s a third to my target! Yeah ME!!

Now I ACCEPT -I am going to succeed!!!”

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