Sue Gronberg

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Sue from Wilson (WY) lost 13 pounds (over 10% of her starting weight) with GIATrim!

Sue says: “In five weeks I lost 9 lbs. I even took a week semi-off the program while on a mini work vacation. Closing in on 2 months of a steady transformation of my 67 yr old, slightly under 5’ stature on GIATrim I have reached my feel good, what I call my “fighting weight”, which is a loss of a little more than 10% of my starting body weight of 112.5 lbs and now holding steady at 99.5lbs. I felt fabulous throughout the whole process. I even gained lean muscle mass when my only exercise was more walking throughout my busy life. I am stronger, more agile and flexible with the added benefit of better focus, clarity and lightness of spirit.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think GIATrim would be so profoundly effective so fast…for which I am incredibly grateful as are the people I have introduced to GIATrim. This investment in my health has yielded much more than a more fit body and a financial return for me. It also is a super good feeling to witness the joy others are experiencing with GIATrim…losing pounds and gaining a more abundant fulfilling life too.
I think GIATrim is truly a great gift to help so many people stay fit or achieve a healthier weight to enjoy their life with more vitality.

Thank you so much – I am thrilled with my GIATrim results!

~Sue Gronberg, Wilson, WY

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