Lynda Cormier-Hanser

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Lyndas before and after

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Lynda from Carlsbad (CA) lost 30 pounds with GIATrim!

She says:  It happened one day that I realized that I wasn’t quite living my best life – I simply didn’t look, or feel like an example of Inspired Wellness. So as the Co-Founder of GIA Wellness, and encouraging others to “Live their best day, every day”, that felt pretty incongruent.

My pivotal “moment” happened as I caught a glance of myself in the mirrored wall of a yogurt shop while taking my daughter for an after soccer treat. I did not recognize myself, my reflection looked like someone I did not know. Literally, taking a double take, what I did clearly recognize was the need to and the obligation to change, for myself, my family and to every GIA Wellness Consultant to be my best self.

That moment led me on a very specific path. I studied, and read books, and learned everything possible and available about weight loss, clean eating, planning portions, worked with nutritionists, etc. But what ultimately “flipped” the switch for me was the combination of all the elements in what’s known today as the “GIATrim Weight Management System” – with an emphasis on the H.E.A.R.T of GIATrim. Transformation is a process – a process we all deserve to enjoy.

Today – 30 lbs lighter and counting – I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to experience my own transformative journey, so that I can help empower thousands, if not millions of others to do the same.

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