Clovis Jones

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Clovis lost 26 pounds with GIA Trim!

Clovis won 3rd place in our “Moment in the Mirror” Transformational Challenge and received a $250 cash prize.

Clovis says: “I began the GIATrim “Moment in the Mirror” Challenge at a time when I needed to detox plus loose weight I had gained after two back-to-back, horrific automobile rear-end collisions. At the time that I began the [GIATrim Challenge], my primary health care physician told me I needed to detox and to loose the weight I had gained of the past three and a half years. Her caution was that what I used had to be gentle, yet effective. The GIATrim products were just that; gentle and effective! During the GIATrim Challenge I lost 28 5/8 inches from my body – 7 of those inches from my waist – and 26.2 pounds!

I am continuing the process and stepping up the intensity of my exercise regimen.

The weight and inches eliminated are fine, however, the best part is that my strength, stamina, endurance and overall sense of well-being increased dramatically. At the beginning of the challenge I could do 15 minutes of gentle exercises and comfortably walk 1/4 mile. Now I consistently exercise for 45 minutes then walk 4 to 5 1/2 miles after completing my exercise program.

The most inspiring aspect of the GIATrim Challenge are the wonderful compliments that I get from people whom I’ve known for a long time. They tell me that I look great and that they can’t tell that I was injured. Additionally, when I tell new people that I meet about the physical challenges that I’ve overcome they tell me that they can’t believe that I had such injuries.

Thanks to the GIATrim Challenge I have detoxed, eliminated inflammation and weight, increased my flexibility and range of motion, boosted my strength and stamina; and now get to fit into clothes that I wore prior to the first collision.”

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