How Does Konjac Root Aid Weight Loss?

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Konjac root has long been used as a digestive aid in Japan, but in recent years has expanded its popularity to North America. While prized in Japan for aiding intestinal function, konjac root has gained traction with Americans who have realized its potential to aid weight loss.

The secret of konjac root lies in its main ingredient, a water-soluble dietary fiber called glucomannan. In 2008, researchers at the University of Connecticut analyzed the results of 14 studies on glucomannan and concluded the fiber carries numerous health benefits, including:konjac root

  • stabilized blood sugar
  • significantly lowered blood cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides
  • lowered weight

Fiber creates a feeling of fullness when ingested, so it’s easy to see how fiber-rich foods such as konjac root can aid weight loss. Those who find it difficult to get adequate fiber in their diets often turn to dietary supplements to fill this need. Glucomannan, in particular, can swell up to 17 times its original volume when placed in water. This means even small doses of the fiber can be quite effective as a filling addition to the diet.

The effect of konjac root on blood sugar could be seen as an added bonus of the fiber. In many people, fluctuating blood sugar can trigger cravings. Often these cravings are for sugary, starchy foods – the very foods to be avoided when attempting to lose weight! Stabilizing blood sugar can help to prevent those “sugar crashes” which so often trigger hunger.

Konjac root is found in traditional Japanese dishes such as shirataki noodles konnyaku. However, these foods are often not appealing to Western palates due to their unusual texture. Also, as with any food, these dishes contain calories and consuming them daily could throw off your diet plans.

An easier way to include konjac root in your diet is through supplementation. Use a weight loss supplement that contains konjac root, and you can easily enjoy its health and weight loss benefits without the hassle of finding and preparing exotic foods.


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