How Does Garcinia Cambogia Promote Weight Loss?

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Weight loss, healthy lifestyle conceptOver the past year, garcinia cambogia has quickly become one of the most talked-about dietary supplements on the market. While the fruit has been used for generations in Southeast Asia, the Western world has only recently become aware of its efficacy as a weight loss aid.

What began as an Indonesian folk remedy has now been extensively studied by scientists who hope to break down the fruit’s exact function in the body. So far, it appears garcinia cambogia has two primary functions in promoting weight loss.

At least one study* has indicated that hydroxycitrate, which is found in garcinia cambogia fruit, inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase which aids the body in converting fat from carbohydrates. This could be good news for those who find it difficult to cut carbs from their diets when attempting weight loss. Of course, adding this supplement to one’s dietary regimen does not translate into the possibility for a free-for-all at the pasta buffet. It does, however, suggest that a normal amount of healthy carbs based in whole grains could be included in the weight loss diet. This would encourage balanced eating habits and discourage the need for drastic weight loss efforts that eliminate entire food groups.

Another study** found that garcinia cambogia increases levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter which signals satisfaction and feelings of well-being, has often been studied in relation to weight loss. Promoting healthy levels of serotonin can, in theory, reduce cravings for unhealthy calorie-laden foods. This could be particularly true for emotional eaters, those who crave fatty or sweet foods when their moods are low.

Based on these studies, it appears that garcinia cambogia extract carries two primary benefits for weight loss. By restricting citrate lyase, it prevents the body from converting carbohydrates into fat which is commonly stored in the belly, thighs, and hips. Boosting serotonin levels could inhibit cravings, helping dieters stick to their healthy eating goals.

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**US National Library of Medicine

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