Learning to Believe In Yourself: You Are Worthy!

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If you watch TV, listen to the radio, or notice advertisements in magazines, it’s easy to see that there are a large number of people looking for the next sensational weight loss product. You may have even wondered, If these products work, then why are so many people still looking for a solution to their weight loss battles?

thumbs_upThe thing is, no matter how well a particular program or supplement works on a physical level, weight loss requires a holistic approach. Yes, certain supplements can boost your metabolism and energy, but you can’t just pop a magic pill and be done with it. Losing weight, and keeping it off in the long run, requires you to examine more than just your eating and exercise habits. You have to look inside yourself to discover the true reason that nothing has seemed to work so far. Only when you find those answers will you be able to truly progress in your weight loss journey.

Often the answer lies in our self image. We find ourselves wishing we could lose weight, or hoping we can look and feel a certain way, but deep down we don’t actually believe those things are possible. You may even carry a self-limiting belief that you aren’t worthy of feeling good about yourself. How many times have you looked in the mirror and had these types of thoughts?

  • Ugh, I feel so chunky – it’s just gross!
  • I hate deciding what to wear when nothing looks good.
  • I hate mirrors, I don’t  want even to look at myself.
  • How did I let myself get this big?
  • I am embarrassed by my own body.

When you indulge in this type of negative thinking, of course you don’t feel that you’re worthy of feeling your best! You’re basically acting as your own playground bully.

Before any weight loss effort is going to work, you first need to do some healing work on the inside. Learn to replace those negative, self-limiting thoughts with positive ones. Yes, you deserve to feel and look good. Yes, you can lose weight. Of course someone would want you just the way you are! You absolutely deserve a manicure, a new outfit, or a cute haircut. You are more than just your weight, and you deserve love from the one person whose love matters most: Yourself.

Once you’ve learned to feel worthy of good health, you’ll find that pursuing it is so much easier. Take the time to confront your inner bully, and overcome him or her once and for all.

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