Product Overview

When you want to feel more energized, accelerate weight loss, or simply push the “reset” button on your eating habits, it’s the perfect time to Cleanse.*

Why do you need to CLEANSE?

For centuries, ridding the body of toxins has been a key focus for health experts in order to effectively improve both physical and spiritual wellness. Highly processed foods, chemical ingredients, and environmental toxins can make it difficult for our body to do its job as it relates to proper detoxification. A regular cleansing regimen can help improve and maintain your overall health and vitality.

How does CLEANSE work?

GIATrim’s CLEANSE Gentle Detox Formula contains a proprietary, low-calorie and low-carb blend of Aloe Vera, Ginger and variety of other renowned ingredients to aid in your digestion, detoxification and elimination. Unlike many other cleanse products on the market that may be harsh on the body, CLEANSE actually nourishes the body as it gently cleanses, and works to optimize your body’s natural metabolism. Most importantly, CLEANSE is activated with GIA’s proprietary Single-File Alignment (SFA) and ERT technologies, ensuring that nutrients are delivered quickly, directly, and in a highly absorbable fashion.

How often should you use CLEANSE?

We recommend you choose one of the three CLEANSE Programs:

  • Jump Start (Once Per Week)
    To jump start your GIATrim “Shape” Program, mix four ounces of CLEANSE with eight ounces of GIA i-H2O, 4 times during your CLEANSE day.
  • 2-Day Detox (Two non-consecutive days per week)
    For accelerated weight loss and detoxification, mix four ounces of CLEANSE with eight ounces of GIA i-H2O, four times through the day.
  • Daily Cleanse (Once every day)
    Combine one ounce of CLEANSE with eight ounces of GIA i-H2O. TIP: Try adding one ounce of GIA i-Thrive for great flavor & optimal results.


Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 1.06.55 PMBy single-file aligning (SFA) and energetically entraining its world class nutritional formulations with the proprietary GIAplex™ technology, GIA Wellness has revolutionized the way nutritional products are recognized, absorbed, and utilized by your body. GIAplex has been designed to optimize the natural potency, vitality, and absorbability of every single nutrient, so that you get to enjoy the benefits of truly unparalleled product performance.*

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