Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Aids in digestion, detoxification & elimination*
  • Helps reduce bloat & inflammation*
  • Helps balance an overly acidic diet*
  • Supports natural metabolism*
  • Tastes Great!

aloe_veraAloe Vera

  • Clinically proven as an effective elimination aid since the 1980s*
  • Ranked by health experts as one of the Top 10 Super Foods in the world*




  • Shown to boost the body’s metabolic rate, and therefore recommended for people struggling with excess weight*
  • Shown in a 2012 study to have a significant effect on the feeling of satiety after eating*



lemon_juiceLemon Juice Concentrate

  • Great for supporting a healthy immune system*
  • Experts have confirmed lemon juice is a natural energizer, and that it hydrates and oxygenates the body so you feel revitalized and refreshed*



chicory_rootChicory Root

  • Helps increase the flow of bile, which supports digestion*
  • Shown to increase feeling of satiety or “fullness”*



cinnamon_extractCinnamon Extract

  • M.D.s have stated Cinnamon is “emerging as a true miracle food in terms of health protection,” noting how it supports a healthy metabolism, helps the body burn calories, and assists healthy brain function*




  • The Health & Wellness Magazine First called Turmeric “The spice that ends belly fat”*
  • Research at Boston’s Tufts University discovered that the active ingredient in turmeric collapses midsection fat cells and powers up the liver by 89%*

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