Improve Your Metabolism by Adjusting Your Exercise Regimen

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Have you ever wondered why, despite cutting calories and eating more healthy food, you still can’t seem to lose weight? In a word, it’s your metabolism. For some of us, cutting calories triggers a response in the body to slow metabolism and conserve energy. This is a great adaptive mechanism during times of famine, but if you actually want to lose weight it can be quite frustrating.

Gia Wellness exercise tipsLuckily, there are ways to boost your metabolism and get those calories energy burning again. The following five exercise tips can keep your body torching calories around the clock, leading to faster weight loss:

Get more high-intensity exercise. Think of exercise that gets your heart pumping and causes you to feel out of breath, such as jogging, mountain biking, or an aerobics class. This type of workout doesn’t just burn calories in the moment, but keeps your metabolism going for hours afterward.

Build muscle. The reason men burn more calories than women, and have an easier time losing weight, is that they have more muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories even when you’re at rest, so focus on strength-building exercises. Put down those five-pound hand weights and pick up something more challenging.

Drink plenty of water. The body actually needs water to burn calories, so remember to get those eight glasses per day. This is particularly important when you’re getting plenty of exercise.

Exercise often, in short bursts. It’s certainly important to get in those hour-long spin classes or that weight-training time in the gym. If you’ve already set aside time in your week for exercise, you’re on the right track. But to really rev up your metabolism and keep it burning, work in short bursts of exercise throughout the day. Even just fifteen minutes of walking after a meal can help burn off the calories you just consumed. The alternative is to plop down and watch TV after a bowl of pasta, and all those calories are dumped into your bloodstream where they are unused and then stored as fat.

Remember lifestyle changes are key. Losing weight and keeping it off is about more than a short-term plan. Change the way you think about exercise and healthy eating. It’s not a chore, but rather something good you do for yourself. Work small changes into your daily life, such as walking to the store or taking the stairs. These new habit will replace the old ones, and soon you’ll find yourself living a healthier lifestyle without even noticing it.

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